11 Things to Do Before You List Your House

Tuesday Oct 17th, 2017



1. Prepare Your Papers

Find all important papers you'll need to lure a potential buyer before you exhaust yourself trying to get the fingerprints off the walls. Even operating manuals for your appliances and HVAC system are as important. relevant warranties, survey, deed, floor plan, agreement of purchase and sale or contract when you bought the house, etc.

2. Prepare Your Home: Inside & Out

When you go inside your home, do some inspections, fix any dripping faucets and spray lubricant on all squeaking doors, windows, closets, and cabinets. While you can plant flowers in the front yard and fertilize your lawn to make your grass look lush and green on the outside.

3. Make it Smell Good

Keep in mind that smell is an important sense and your home has its very own scent. And these are the basic things that you want to consider: Does yours have a decent or awful odor? Do you have pets? Odor eliminating sprays work very well, baking cookies or cakes is a good idea, but a high-end home fragrance is another great alternative.

4. Straighten the Mail Box

On the off chance that your home is the one with the tilted mailbox that resembles an infected tooth, you're most likely cringing right now. Straighten it up! Haven't you at any point known about curb appeal? You need potential buyers to drive by and be impressed with the exterior, because first impression is everything.

5. Let there be light

You want to let the sunshine in so open the curtains!  You may like your privacy, but the buyer doesn't want to think about that during home showing.  They want to know that light will come in and the house won't be dark.  Turn on all the lights before a showing or open house.

6. Declutter

Empty your closets, make it very light. Remove any unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place). This is the time when you go through your belongings and find that there is nothing worth keeping. In an ideal world, your rooms should look open and kind of empty.

7. De-Personalize

Remove all family or personal photos on your walls, desks or any place in your home where you put your picture frames. Also, remember when your hubby measured how tall the kids were by carving notches into the dining room molding? Bad move. You need your home to be so amiable and neutral that anybody could envision living there - without you.


This must be on the top of your list. You're never going to have the capacity to list your house effectively without cleaning it first.

9. Detail the Landscaping

Removing dead branches from trees, pulling weeds, painting wall and fixing your garage driveway will shield your home from giving the feeling that it's gone native.

10. Hide the Pets

Most people love pets — unless the animals are somebody else's. Which is why sellers who have critters must take extra precautions. If you don't, many potential buyers could be chased away.

11. Plan for Family Outdoor Activities

Schedule a time for family outdoor activities when your property is on the market because buyers feel comfortable walking around the home for sale without distraction.

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